Look At Me! Traveling Like A Rock Star!

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today (Saturday, July 23) I took my first flight!  Well, the first flight outside of my mommy’s belly.  I went on 51 flights in there.

I went from Austin to Chicago on American Airlines.  I’m going to Chicago to see family (in Iowa) and attend the 7th annual Costello Family Conference.  They have a conference every 2 years pulling together researchers, doctors, and other Costello families to share ideas from all over the world.

I am lucky my mommy and daddy fly so much, because I was able to get my own seat in first class for free!  I also got a certificate for my first flight.  I was really good, sleeping about half the flight and watching Blue’s Clues on daddy’s laptop the rest of the way. 

Traveling in First Class is not too bad!  I sure hope I get my own seat on the way back too.

  1. […] Westin traveled to Chicago when he was 5.5 months old for the Costello Syndrome conference (in first class of course!).  We flew direct from Austin to Chicago and then drove to Iowa where we are both originally from so he could meet many friends and family who had not gotten a chance to see him yet. […]

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