Today Is Looking to be a Better Day

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

All things considered today is looking to be a better day than yesterday.  Although it is still way too bright out here, I’m starting to relax a little and breathing better.

It is almost like I’m back in the tummy as I’m wrapped in a swaddle position, or at least that’s what I heard the needle lady tell my Daddy.  I’m wrapped up so tight I cannot scream as loud anymore.  So much for the fun game I was playing.

  1. Brad, Mina and Nicholas Albers says:

    Oh Baby Westin, each day will continue to get better and better for you lil man. You have been through so much already and doing very well. You continue to give the nurses a hard time, you have definitely earned your right. We can’t wait to meet and hold you and keep up the great work! Pretty soon you will get to be in your mommy and daddy’s arms. Hugs

  2. kelly bru says:

    Hi guys! So happy for you all! He is so cute and love the name too! I hope everyone is doing well and please keep me posted on Westin. I bet you can’t wait to take him home! Congrats again!

  3. Aunt Roberta says:

    Westin, you are such a handsome baby. What a little sweetheart you are. It is nice that your grandma’s are both there to hold you and and love you. You take good care of yourself and do what the nurses tell you to do so you will soon be going home with your mommy and daddy. We all love you.

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